Friday, February 7, 2014

Mission Mini Bolt

Take a look at this picture below, but don't look at the dress. Look at the messy fabric shelf behind the dress form. 
Unorganized nastiness that was. 
Key word: was.
We'll call that the 'before' picture.
Here's the after: 
It's so pretty! And I can see everything that I have! And I'm not digging around looking for fabric that I think I have and I don't! And I won't double buy fabrics! And it doesn't get all frayed on the ends! And they stay nice and unwrinkled! And, and, and...

Slowly, slowly, I've been working through my fabric stash and getting it all on mini bolts made from delivery boxes. Yep, I just used the plain-old cardboard boxes that get dropped off on your porch. I grabbed them before they were thrown into recycling and sliced them with a utility knife. Easy peasy! 

After seeing what I did with my stash, my youngest brother commented on how I should open a fabric shop with all those bolts. Hehe! Nope. It's all for project usage. 

Until next time!

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