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Hello! I'm so glad that you made it to my little corner of the blog-o-sphere!

I really hate writing 'about me' sort of things, so let me tell you a story instead.

I didn't really start 'seriously' sewing until about Jr. high when my parents gave me my own sewing machine as a Christmas/birthday present since my mom's old one had been giving me more grief than it should. With that sewing machine came a machine introduction class at the store where it was purchased and a couple of beginner sewing classes. Shortly after that, one of the mom's in our homeschool co-op offered a class as well. But that was the scope of my 'formal' sewing education. All of my projects were onesie-twosie simple projects that never truly amounted to much.

Then came my senior project. I wanted to do a presentation on fashions through American history (starting in the late 1700's and going to the mid-1900's), and I needed to have a visual of some sort. I had a power point, yes, but that wasn't quite enough for me. The designs, the detail, and the talent that went into making the clothes of yesteryear drew me into the costuming world. I wanted to actually wear the dresses that I had researched.

Granted, the depth of the project was rather surface level, but that's beside the point. Once you've been caught in the realm of historical fashions, you can't get out. And here I stay continually delving deeper and deeper.

Along the way, I've not only fallen into the historical costuming pit, I've also gotten into cosplay, Disney-bound, doll dress making, and more.

And that is my tale. Hopefully I can inspire you along the sewing road.

See you in the sewing room!
Sarah G.

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