Sunday, April 19, 2015

Burgundy Medieval Gown

On top of fixing up my own costume for the Celtic ball, my sister, Jessica, needed a dress that fit the theme. She came up with the general look that she wanted, and I had to bring it down to realistic expectations since I had classes, homework, work, and ball decorations to do too. ;) 

We found some burgundy sheets in my mock-up material bin, and I started cutting things out. Thankfully, I had done that pattern a couple times before, and it went together very quickly. Which was good because I finished it the night before the ball.
The next thing to add to her costume would be an embroidered belt. With floral swirls. Yeah, that sounds cool. 

After I finished sewing it, I stepped back and realized that we had essentially created Mother Gothel's dress from Tangled. Completely unintentional, but still pretty awesome. 

Until next time!

Scottish Country Girl

I'm still here!!!
After finishing the MotB dress back in January, I needed some super easy projects (pillowcases anyone?), and then I sent my machine off to get a servicing. After goodness knows how many hours have gone onto that thing, it needed some R&R, or just a tune-up, ya know. Then I got it back and started chipping away at the sewing to-do list that grew while the machine was away. First up was making alterations and additions to my costume for the Celtic ball (which was on Saturday). 

Ever since the theme for the ball was announced late last year, I've been planning this get-up. I already had the dark blue skirt/'petticoat', blouse, and yellow over vest thing, but I wanted to add more Scottish flair to the mix. I found a plaid that I absolutely adored (from Joann's, oddly enough), and whipped it up into a floor length skirt. Then I made the shawl. Do you know how long it takes to pull all those threads to make the fringe? Anyways... Those two plaid pieces done, I put the ensemble on Lady Catherine, the dress form, and stepped back. It was quite the mishmash of things. To clean up the look, I made a stomacher using a piece from one of JP Ryan's patterns  and stitched it into place. Much better! The day of the ball, I was able to get into it quite quickly (which was good because I got a late start to getting ready) and topped everything off with a woodsy crown that I found at a Renaissance faire last year. The finished look was exactly what I was aiming for: a Scottish country girl with fashion influences from the 1700's. With flower crown. :P A friend of mine said that it was like a Celtic fairy or sprite and that I needed a special power. Invisibility. That's my super power. But that's a story for another day. ;)
I could probably have dedicated a bit more time trying to work with the tucked in part of the skirt. Oh well! It worked. 

The shawl is tucked into a :really: cool belt loop that was given to me (by a complete stranger, no less!) and held in place at the waist by grosgrain ribbon. 

Until next time!