Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'Tangled' Bunting

It was an impulse project. While my little brother was entertaining himself with my Marvel encyclopedia (super heroes make excellent baby sitters), I whipped together a bunting from Corona, the kingdom in Disney's movie, 'Tangled.' 
I don't know where the idea came from (good luck following my train of thought), but I eventually found myself printing on fabric. :gasp!: Can you do that? You most certainly can. You can find a tutorial for printing on fabric here: 

I downloaded this printable and went to town.

My little brother thought that it was the weirdest thing to be printing on fabric, but after the first couple of printings, he thought that it was pretty cool. I can only imagine the projects that he's scheming up now.

I cut out the flags with my rotary cutter, pulled out some old purple ribbon/bias tape/seam tape that I have had in the drawer for years and years, pinned everything down, and ran one long seam down the entire length of the bunting. Voila'! 'Tis done.  

I might need to make a bazillion of these now and put them EVERYWHERE! No room is safe from the bunting. 

Until next time!

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