Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Captain America Quilt Block

Have you been over to Quiet Play? Kristy is a paper piecing pattern making queen. Her patterns are easy to follow and they have fun themes. Want Star War Lego blocks? Woodland critters? Australian animals? Retro kitchen? She's has all that and more in her craftsy shop! Recently, she posted on her blog that she's been developing Marvel Lego squares, and she needed testers! I jumped at the opportunity and was able to give Captain America a shot. I love the results: 

And I was able to take out a few pieces in my scrap stash! Not much of a dent since the block is just 10"x10", but it's something. 

Now, I'll admit... I'm still pretty new to the world of paper-pieced quilting and am by no means an expert in that field, so if you look closely you'll find plenty of 'oops.' My biggest nemesis is skinny diagonal seams. They like to torment me and give me grief. Oh well...  The block is finished. ^_^

Now to figure out what I want to do with the block. Hmm...

Until next time!

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