Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some Tiny Sewing

The last few weeks, in the spare moments that I can find or if I'm procrastinating on homework, I've been chipping away at the scrap stash to add to the doll dress collection. That way I have them ready to go for the next bazaar, and I won't be scrambling to pull my act together the week beforehand. ;) 

I've lovingly dubbed this one the 'back-to-school' dress for obvious reasons. 
As I was rummaging around in one of the many scrap bins, I found just enough of the apple print to make a dress with. My only qualm with it was how much it screamed '90's'... But I decided to give it a go anyway. No harm in using the material if I already have it, right? I finished the dress, threw together an apron, tacked on some ric-rac and declared it done. I was surprised at how cute it turned out once it was all put together. I was rather doubtful about the whole thing while I was sewing. 

This next one, I've decided to call 'Winnie the Pooh'. Because it's yellow and red like Pooh Bear. Then my sister said that those colors reminded her of McDonald's. I like my name for it more. :P 
The trim is actually a vintage ribbon that was given to me from a fellow crafter. Her store was relocating and she needed to clear out some product. I was picking up my doll dresses before she moved the store, and she gave me a couple of lengths of ribbon so long as I promised to use them on doll dresses. I most certainly can do that. 

This next one is one that I want in my size. Pretty please? 
Eyelet makes for easy hemming. ;) 

The other day, I was cleaning up the craft/sewing room, but as I was working, I found a piece of pillowcase that had been given to me from my great-aunt. I believe that it was embroidered by my great-grandma, but the rest of the pillowcase had been terribly worn out over the years. I have the matching pillowcase on my bed, but this cuff had been relegated to a forgotten corner of the notions box. 
And all of a sudden, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. So I sat down and whipped out a doll dress when I should have been cleaning. 
The pink braid is also a vintage trim that was given to me. I can't recall who it was from though... 
Can I have this in my size, too, please? 

Until next time!