Saturday, August 12, 2017

Vintage Chewbacca Cosplay - Skirt

It's been hotter than Hades out there (especially for this Oregon girl who can't handle anything over 85 degrees), so when my brain has been clear enough, I've been chipping away at the sewing to-do list. One of those things: my cosplay/Disney-bound for the upcoming comic con. 

I mentioned this project in my plans for the year back in January with just a horrible simple sketch for a brain-splat.  
The gist of it is simple: a circle skirt with an applique of Chewbacca's strap along the side, my vintage mink stole, dark shirt of some sort, and accessories to polish off the look. Last week, the skirt was (almost) finished. 
I used the wrap circle skirt pattern from this ensemble, made a white lining (so I can reverse the skirt and have a Princess Leia get-up too!), came up with an applique 'pattern' to go along the edge, sewed it all together, and voila! The skirt is done. Except for some hook-and-eyes. I still need to do that. 
As for the shirt - I'm not liking how the one I grabbed from my closet is jiving with the get-up. I'm thinking something like this one in black is what is needed. We'll see what actually happens. 

Until next time!