Sunday, September 7, 2014

WWII Doll Dress

Sometimes you walk through the fabric store, and a bolt or a swatch jumps out at you and begs you to take it home. Unfortunately, this is how I end up with so much fabric. :P But such was the case in this cheerful vintage print that I found in the remnant section. It's dainty print was perfect for a 1940's style doll dress. Alack alas, it sat in my stash for way too long before I actually used it for its intended purposes. But once I had a moment and a random, sudden burst of 'need to make a doll dress,' it was cut out and sewn together in no time. 

I give you the finished product:

I have a rather soft spot for frocks of this style. My first 'real' doll was Molly McEntire. To give you an idea of how old I am, I will tell you that this was before Pleasant Company was bought by Matel and renamed 'American Girl.'I think it was my love of the Pleasant Company dolls that piqued my interest in historical fashion. I always wished that I could dress like my dolls. Now look where it's taken me! I'm still playing dress up. :P 

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