Friday, September 5, 2014

Making Doll Dresses

I've started making doll dresses again. I've missed making the miniature fashions for 18" dolls, and it feels good to be sewing them once again. What made me stop? I'm not entirely sure... I was selling them at a shop in downtown, but they changed their policies and stopped doing consignment. Maybe I got burned out. Maybe discouraged. My collections was finally starting to sell when the owner decided to stop selling them. 

But, as the country song puts it, I'm back in the saddle again. My doll dress hiatus is at an end, and I've hit the road running, so to speak. My scrap fabric collection is hitting critical mass, and it's time to ease the pressure. ;) 

Simplicity patterns recently came out with an adorable pattern for 1860's styles for 18" dolls. You can find the pattern here. As soon as I got home with the pattern, I cut it out and whipped out a dress. Maybe that's where I got the doll dress bug bite. 

 Next, I used the adorable pink butterfly fabric that I found while organizing my fabric stash. 

Then I used my trusty Regency dress pattern. I love how quickly it whips up. And the dresses never falter being cute. ;)  Once I finished the dress, I felt that it needed a little something extra. So I used part of the apron in the aforementioned Civil War pattern. No need to mind historical accuracy in this dress anyway. :P 

So, we'll see how many more I make before losing inspiration. Thankfully, Pinterest is always there to help in case of burn out. ;) 

Until next time!

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