Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Year Ahead

To (hopefully) be better about getting my sewing to-do wish list completed this year, I'm assigning myself projects that will actually have an event that they will be destined for. 

First up, will be a red poppy dress. For some reason, I kept seeing red poppy dresses in stores and online this year, and I fell in love. I needed one but not badly enough to drop a pretty penny for it. Then, as I was meandering through the fabric store, I saw it. A gorgeous red poppy print! And ooh, look! Simplicity patterns were on sale too!  I had had my eye on this pattern for a while, so it was obviously meant to be. 
A friend of mine had a great idea: what if I wore it to the WWII/Peggy Carter/VE Day ball coming up in the spring? I think that it's brilliant. And it gives me a deadline. 

Next on the project list: what to wear to comic con in September? I hate to admit that it's something that I've been pondering since my sisters went last year. Almost completely out of the blue, I had an idea. What if I did a vintage inspired Chewbacca? It would be simple enough to be comfortable for the event, and I could wear the ensemble elsewhere (like church and school :P). Here's a quick sketch of what I had in mind. 
Please pardon the awful drawing skills. Certainly not my forte. It'll look better when it's made, I promise. ;) 

Next up is just a for-fun, no deadline in sight project. I'm hoping that this vintage pattern with fit (yay for mock-ups!), but if it doesn't, I'll use the same pattern that I used for the simple autumn dress
Isn't the tiny fox print just adorable?  I found it at a local fabric shop a couple years ago. 

Beyond these projects, I'm sure that I'll have more sewing to do for craft bazaars. If the muse strikes, I might try to squeeze in a regency dress and stays. But we shall see what actually comes to pass. 

Until next time!

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