Monday, January 2, 2017

Simple Autumn Dress

As I was going through pictures on my phone, I realized that I had completely forgotten to share with you a dress that I finished back in October! :slaps wrist: 

I found the material (read: bed sheet) at the thrift store. Since there was a burn in the corner, I was able to tell what material it was (cotton!) as well as get a discount on it since it was damaged. Score! 
I didn't exactly know what sort of dress I wanted to turn it into, so onto the fabric shelf it went! And there it sat, and waited, and collected dust, probably forgotten a time or two. Until I found this pattern.
 And then I just knew what I had to do. That lovely sheet sitting on the shelf finally had a purpose in life! And for taking up shelf space. 

The pattern itself was simple, straightforward, and came together in an afternoon. No zippers, no buttons, no bias or draping. Just cut the pieces, sew them together, add in elastic, hem everything, and voila! All done. Brand new dress, for next to nothing. Since the weather was getting nippy, I paired it with a sweater, but kept the sandal heels because reasons. 
Now I'm remembering why I never did an 'official' post sooner - I didn't have nice pictures of the completed project. :P Oh well, maybe someday! 

I definitely will be making more dresses from this pattern though! I love how it fits and how quickly it went together. 

Until next time! 

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