Sunday, April 19, 2015

Burgundy Medieval Gown

On top of fixing up my own costume for the Celtic ball, my sister, Jessica, needed a dress that fit the theme. She came up with the general look that she wanted, and I had to bring it down to realistic expectations since I had classes, homework, work, and ball decorations to do too. ;) 

We found some burgundy sheets in my mock-up material bin, and I started cutting things out. Thankfully, I had done that pattern a couple times before, and it went together very quickly. Which was good because I finished it the night before the ball.
The next thing to add to her costume would be an embroidered belt. With floral swirls. Yeah, that sounds cool. 

After I finished sewing it, I stepped back and realized that we had essentially created Mother Gothel's dress from Tangled. Completely unintentional, but still pretty awesome. 

Until next time!

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