Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elsa Dress

This is ridiculously loooong overdue. It was finished in time for Halloween. :P My job, school, homework, and Christmas trees have sucked up all my blogging time, but now that the term is in the bag (!!!), I have a smidgen more time to sit down and write something that isn't for a class.

The first project that I want to show you is Elsa's 'Let it Go' dress from Frozen (but you knew that already). I used Simplicty pattern 3725 as the base and altered it using Andrea Schewe's tutorial series as my guideline.  
You can see more Elsa inspiration and my thought process for the dress on my Pinterest board
I made the dress to be a bit bigger with a tie in the back so that it can be worn for a longer time. 

The fabrics are just from Joann's. Since I hate how reflective fabrics look when photographed, I used the wrong side of the satin as the right side. You still get that gorgeous teal, but not the nasty glaring reflection from the camera's flash. (/rant)
This dress was filled with everything from 'oops' to 'dang it!' I had never really worked with a sheer until I did this dress. One of the moments when I wanted to cry while working with it was when my machine ate it into the bobbin well, chewed it up a bit, and then sewed it onto itself in the wackiest places. (That was the only moment that I wanted to cry. Yeah, there were frustrating moments, but that almost did me in). The only noticeable 'drats' is on the back where the the zipper stops: the trim didn't line up... :( I added a little bling to help, but it didn't really help all that much. 'It's just a dress-up costume; it's fine' they said. So I left it. 
Picture used with permission
The dress was a hit. She wore it for a week, slept in it, and went trick-or-treating with all the other Elsa's that were haunting neighborhoods this year. :P 

Until next time!

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  1. Cute!! This is an adorable costume and you did a lovely job, Sarah! I have Frozen songs stuck in my head now... ;)