Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Regency Poke Bonnet

In trying to complete the various ensembles that I have for different fashions eras, I've come the realization that I have a sore lacking of hats. And it's not like I don't wear hats! I don them quite frequently in my 'modern wardrobe.' The issue has been the lack of historical hats. So I've been keeping my eyes peeled for for deals on bonnets to add to my collection. 

Sarah, over at Romantic History, was selling some of her costuming pieces, so I swooped in and bought a Swiss dot cap and the Regency poke bonnet.  
My family can testify to how excited I was when the package arrived. You couldn't get the bonnet off of my head. 
But it seemed rather simple, almost basic. Something inside of me was begging to dress it up just a bit. I heeded the tug, and bought some brown ribbon and trim to add to the hat. After I tacked them on, it was better, but still needed just a little bit more. I found a feather in my room left over from doing Rococo hair styles and tucked it into the ties. 
Better. Much better. But it still needed a little bit more. 
And then, after digging around in my boxes upon boxes of trims and ribbons and notion, I found a small cluster of flowers that had fallen off of my sewing box.
You heard me right - from my sewing box. 
When I was just getting started with all my sewing adventures, my mom bought me a sewing box that looked like a small hat box. Alack, alas... the flowers on the lid fell off shortly after bringing it home. But, being my craft-supply hoarding self, I kept the silly little flowers since I thought that they were pretty. Little did I know that they would someday end up on a Regency bonnet. :P  

The poke bonnet will be able to make its debut while I'm helping at the ECD Oregon table at a home school conference. Can't wait!

Until next time!

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